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November 9, 2021
Randal delivers keynote at LEAP TA: Life Sciences Summit
Princeton, NJ (Virtual)

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"My life has never been about traveling the road less traveled,
but rather, creating the road never traveled."
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Articles & Press Releases

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April 13, 2016
Former Apprentice contestants—Dr. Randal Pinkett, Kevin Allen, Tara Dowdell, Marshawn Evans Daniels, Kwame Jackson and James Sun —speak out against presidential candidate

July 31, 2014
The Apprentice Champion Dr. Randal Pinkett and BCT Partners Join President Barack Obama at the White House For The Signing of the Fair Pay And Safe Workplace Executive Order

April 27, 2012
'Gala Raises $100,000 to Support NJ Child Abuse Prevention Programs
New Jersey Today

April 24, 2012
'Black Faces in White Places: Book Review
Mega Diversities

April 14, 2012
'Charity Gala at Newark Museum to raise funds to eliminate child abuse
New Jersey News

April 14, 2012
'Black Male Summit speaker urges five points to building better relationships
Akron Beacon Journal

April 14, 2012
'Trayvon Martin killing adds different dimension to University of Akron's Black Male Summit
Cleveland OH News

April 11, 2012
'Entrepreneurial District master plan in the works
Birmingham Business Alliance

April 3, 2012
'University of Akron hosts Black Male Summit: Higher Education
Cleveland OH News

April 2, 2012
'Xernona Clayton, Randall Pinkett and Rev. Jamal-Harrison Bryant Announced as Alcorn State Commencement Speakers
HBCU Digest

March 28, 2012
'Entrepreneur Seeks Advice From Black Millionaires and Gets It!
Black News

March 28, 2012
'Michelle Obama to speak at N.C. A&T May commencement
The Daily Tar Heel

March 22, 2012
'5th Annual Black Male Summit in Akron, Ohio
Black News

March 15, 2012
'The University of Akron Hosts the 5th Annual Black Male Summit, April 13 & 14
Market Watch

March 8, 2012
'Strategies for success
University of Delaware

February 26, 2012
''The Apprentice' winner talks 21st century success
Kentucky Kernel

February 22, 2012
'Apprentice' winner with multiple degrees speaking at College of Engineering
Kentucky Kernel

February 20, 2012
'Apprentice' winner to speak at UD
Community Pub

February 16, 2012
"Apprentice" Winner Coming to DE
WGMD 92.7 Talk Radio

February 15, 2012
'Apprentice' winner Randal Pinkett speaks to students
Kent Wired

February 15, 2012
UD Black History Month
University of Delaware

February 3, 2012
'More than 300 expected at leadership conference
Troy Messenger

February 3, 2012
'Speaker: Leave a legacy of greatness by serving others
Troy University News

February 1, 2012
'BIG Talk with Dr. Randal Pinkett
Thinking Bigger Business Media

January 31, 2012
'Apprentice' winner to open leadership conference
Troy Messenger

January 24, 2012
2012 Leadership Conference set for Feb. 3-4
Troy Messenger





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